the pursuit of home

So I’m a little late for Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday fun, but liked last week’s topic, so decided to write anyway.

Rules: Write for five minutes flat on the prescribed topic, no edits.

Here goes:

Skimming the introduction to my daughter’s requested library book, Anne of Green Gables, my vision locked on the final three words describing the main character’s life:

… pursuit of home.

Is that what this is?

This thing called life?

Are we all ants scurrying around, up and down grocery aisles, in and out of the office, into the car, out of the car, in the pursuit of


It’s a topic that occupies my mind often.

What is home?

Where is home?

Then it occurs to me that maybe I will only obtain the object of my pursuit when others read about it in the newspaper, as they open the obituaries page one day and read,

“Kate Motaung went home to be with her Lord and Savior.”

Then the pursuit will be over,

and I will be


For a longer reflection on the topic of home, click here: Heading Home.


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