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This week’s word:




We crave it like a slab of dark chocolate.

We sip it slowly like a cup of hot chai.

We wrap ourselves in it like a handmade quilt.

We long for it.

We pursue it.

We offer it.

We buy it.

We sell it.

We have built ourselves a kingdom of it, and we’ve crowned ourselves kings and queens of the kingdom of comfort.

Yet all of our pursuits are in vain, and all of our attempts to grasp it elusive, until we find the true source of comfort – the Creator of it, the Giver of it.

For He alone is the “God of all comfort,” and as Augustine once said, “Our hearts are restless until they find their rest in Him.”


3 thoughts on “comfort

  1. Wow, so beautiful and expresses exactly what I feel. In so few words you expressed exactly what comfort is.

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