living in the in-between


Where tubes of toothpaste and patience get squeezed from the bottom, the top and the in-between.


Where time passes with the click of a mouse and drags like a whiny toddler down a grocery store aisle.



Where graves are dug and happiness buried.


Where plastic cups of Kool-Aid spill with overtired tears onto white carpet.






Where bees and words sting, and hopes are ripped off like stubborn Band-Aids.


Where muddy Velcro soles traipse across our desires and the sticky mop leaves streaks on the linoleum floor of our longings.





Where we groan inwardly for redemption, and the fruit of the Spirit falls off the tree, bruised.


Where victory has already been accomplished, but He has not yet returned.

Where we have already been justified, but not yet fully sanctified.


Between the temporary perfection of the Garden and the eternal perfection of Celestial City,


We are living in the in-between.



This post was written in conjunction with Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five-Minute Friday, with this week’s writing prompt as “In Between.”   Join the five-minute flash mob frenzy by clicking here.


4 thoughts on “living in the in-between

  1. Living in the in between can be a tough place to be. There is hope in knowing that God can and will get you through it. I am not sure whose grave that is, but I pray that you find comfort in Christ.

  2. I love this! And my thoughts were that life on earth is in an in-between place. God meets us here and gives us strength to live. Love and prayers from a fellow-traveller x

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