the definition of a friend

They are the ones who show up on moving day, scrubbing toilets in the dingy rental that doesn’t even belong to them.

They are the ones who say they will pray … and actually do.

The ones who bring you food when you break your foot and when you have a cold and when you’re just plain tired and feeling down.

They love your kids like their own and show it.

They are the ones who sleep over on your birthday when your husband is away on business.  The ones who take time off from work to drive for hours to sit in a pew during your mother’s funeral, then turn around and drive hours home again.

They’re the ones with whom we can talk nonstop for hours and then sit in silence for minutes on end and not distinguish between the two.

They are the gems.  The rare diamonds that would rather go unnoticed, but sparkle and shine as they reflect the Light.


This post was written in five minutes on the prompt, FRIEND.  Join us for Five-Minute Friday over at Lisa-Jo Baker’s.  Also, don’t miss the FREE (in)RL Conference over at (in)courage this weekend, April 25th and 26th.  It’s the conference that comes to you — videos can be streamed from the comfort of your own home.  Details here.



4 thoughts on “the definition of a friend

  1. hi Kate,

    nice to meet you. i came over from FMF. i enjoyed your post on friendship today. had to smile at some of the entries today:) they brought back memories of some good friends from the past.

  2. Friendship is having a close friend you can tell every thing to. She is someone you can share your problems with and she will set and listen until you are done and then give you advice. Is someone who is always there. We eat chocolate together, go to Church together, and do fun things together
    Friendship is a gift from God.

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