31 days

Welcome to my first attempt at linking up with The Nester’s 31 Day Writing Challenge.

For every day in October, I’ll be posting on the topic:


I hope you’ll come along for the ride, and most of all, I hope it will be a blessing and an encouragement to you.

Each day, I’ll add the latest link below, so all the posts will be easily accessible.

Thanks for reading … hope you enjoy!

Preface & Disclaimer


Day 1 ::  Defining Home

Day 2 ::  My Personal Definition

Day 3  ::  Heading Home

Day 4  ::  In Which I Deviate From the Plan

Day 5  ::  The House that Built Me

Day 6 :: A Place Prepared


Day 7  ::  The Pursuit of Home, Part 1

Day 8  ::  The Pursuit of Home, Part 2

Day 9  ::  Moving Day

Day 10  ::  Ten Moves in Ten Years

Day 11  ::  When You Wish You Had What They Have

Day 12  ::  Where I Belong

Day 13  ::  Eternal Houses & Heavenly Dwellings


Day 14  ::  Why I Hate Airports

Day 15  ::  Homesick for Heaven

Day 16  ::  When You Want to Go Home

Day 17  ::  Where the Heart Is

Day 18  ::  Attitudes and Accents

Day 19  ::  Comfortable

Day 20  ::  Longing for a Better Country


Day 21  ::  When Home is Not the Same

Day 22  ::  Hungering for Home

Day 23  ::  The Open Door Policy

Day 24  ::  The Greatest Compliment

Day 25  ::  When Home Hurts

Day 26  ::  The Pathway Home

Day 27  ::  Let Her Stay

Day 28  ::  The Trip of a Lifetime

Day 29  ::  Heaven Is …

Day 30  ::  Walking with a Wider Lens

Day 31  ::  Home Sweet Home

Highlights Reel

4 thoughts on “31 days

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  2. Bronwyn – This is AMAZING. I absolutely love the way you’ve laid out this series and it flows like a wonderful table of contents to an ebook. Has that been your intention? Just love it.

    • Thanks, Adriel. That means a lot. I have toyed with the idea of turning it into an e-book, but to be honest, wouldn’t really know where to start. Thanks for stopping by … I hope what you have read has been a blessing and an encouragement to you. (P.S. My friend Bronwyn did a guest post for me on Day 17.) 😉

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