memoir monday


Welcome to Memoir Monday, a series digging through the old photos and offering snapshots of memoirs that highlight the Lord’s sustaining grace.

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Each post in this series will point to spiritual lessons gained with the valuable benefit of hindsight, and my hope is that you will be challenged and encouraged in your own walk of faith.

Some questions for reflection to consider as you flip through photos:

  • Have you had a similar experience?
  • If so, how did you respond?  If not, how do you think you would have responded?
  • How have you seen the Lord’s grace manifested through the snapshots of your own experiences?

May these brief detours down memory lane encourage you to see the Lord’s faithfulness and mercy in your life, through the hysterical and the tragic, the mundane and the extraordinary.

Click below to read each memoir in this series:


The Day I Almost Died

Comforting Compress

The Rollerblading Incident

That Time I Ran Out Of Wipes in a Fancy Restaurant

That Time I Got Lost on a Mountain

Art and Legacy

Angry Birds

Remember When – A Memoir for my Daughter

Holy Holes

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